Portsmouth collection 1997

Andrew Noctor – B.A.(Hons) 1:1 abstract, minimal & 3D art –¬† welcome.

statement: “As a child I developed a passion for kites & balsa gliders. My inspiration was field, landscape & sky, a road that might lead to a launch place; we lived in a village where Percy Pilcher flew his hang gliders and very close to Biggin Hill aerodrome. I became passionate about weather, it’s impact upon the landscape and ability to drive ‘free flight’. For me, art now delivers that motivating, ‘freedom of expression’, language to communicate the ‘incommunicable’ and window through which energy is conveyed and emotions¬†driven. University of Portsmouth School of Art & Design revived my delight for art making by study and developed the basis for the works shown here.”

how: mixed media.

why: good question!

contact: all works are available to purchase. works are c. 16″ x 24″ canvas with floating frame. Please contact the artist for exhibition sizes & further details.

The Cross Function in Contemporary Art  by Andrew Noctor Р.odt download.

Other works: Neon Sculptures, GravityLight, Design, Film & Music Projects, Photography.